The German ADL-MOORE company founded by the Department of chemistry, Technical University of Munich professor Claus-Johans and his student August cooperation in May 1979, currently located in Munich, the production base is located in El. Professor Claus in the field of chemical plastics called Godfather level, not only to create a new self research and development of environmentally friendly home materials and products, in the international arena has won many honors.As China's global influence continues to rise, ADL-MOORE is aware of the importance of ADL's entry into the Chinese market. The Company re adjustment of the global strategic layout, officially started landing China Home Furnishing building materials market, ADLMOORE company not only bring high-quality products, technology and services to millions of families China. Pay more attention to the promotion of user centered international brand value and the world's leading health home solutions. We aimed to global together with our partners, the European advanced green, health, environmental protection and energy saving of life philosophy into modern life Chinese, let users enjoy the Chinese with European design concept, synchronization of environmental awareness and service system, realize the perfect quality of European industry.ADL pipeline system operation center is located in Shanghai Jiading District Waigang town Huide Road No. 888, mainly responsible for imported brands in mainland Chinese operations.Germany ADL-MOORE Plastic Technology Co. Ltd. (German ADL-MOORE Plastic Technology Co. Ltd.) authorized the Bundesliga (Shanghai) new Mstar Technology Ltd China mainland only "ADL" brand operators. And agree to the Bundesliga (Shanghai) registered in the mainland with the new Mstar Technology Ltd has the characteristics of Chinese Chinese trademark "ADL"

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